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Welcome to DY Guitars brand newhome page.  Here in my website you'll find my latest creations.  DY Guitars specialises in custom built S and T style guitars, all authentically aged to perfection through years of experience.  All DY Guitars are built here in the UK and by myself. Feel free to browse my SHOP  and see whats on offer.  I do FREE SHIPPING on all my guitars WORLDWIDE!!

Vintage feel and look

Having spent a great deal of time in learning the processes that go into ageing a guitar authentically,  I have been in the business of building vintage replicas for over a decade.  Relicing or ageing a guitar is really an art.  As with all art, some may love the work and some may hate it.  Some may feel that the guitar is too aged, and some may prefer a guitar less aged.  That's why I am offering a service to suit your needs.  You can CONTACT me with your ideas, and I'll build your dream guitar.

A Bit About Me And What I Do

My name is Dennis Yau and I've been building guitars since 2003. I'm not a luthier so I don't build guitars from scratch using wood blanks.  That, I'll leave to the true professional luthiers.  What I do however is build quality inspired replica relic guitars from quality parts. The whole idea of building relic guitars came about when I first set eyes on SRVs' no.1 S guitar.  It really was a beautiful sight.  To play the hell out of something which was originally fully painted to something that looked like that was truly remarkable, as well as unbelievable.  Ever since then I've been building S and T style guitars, and ageing them authentically to create once again that magic which sparked this whole process in the first place.  Ofcourse since Stevie's S guitar, we now have a long list of artists who also have such beautifully battered instruments.  What I offer are beautifully aged inspired replicas of these instruments .  Since when I have first started building my first replica Stevie no.1 guitar, I have now built a huge array of inspired guitars for my clients, and I can build the same for you too.  Some of the guitars I have built in the past include:

Stevie - N0.1 

JM - Black1 

Brad - Old Pink Paisley T style guitar

Summers - Sunburst Tstyle guitar

YJM - Play Loud S style guitar

Rory - sunburst S style guitar

Sayce - "Mother" vintage white S style guitar

Frusciante - Sunburst S style guitar

Strummer - Black T style guitar

Jimi  - Monterey Pop S style guitar

Blackmore - Olympic White scalloped neck S style guitar

Ofcourse, I have also built  many original designs for some clients who had something different on their mind. Check out some of my work below.  


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